Saturday, January 26, 2008

Working from home

for the past six months I've been making nightly treks up to the UGA campus for my part-time lab job - working on a quail chick diet study (click HERE and scroll down to "Chick-diet") - I'm finally far enough along (I've got a majority of the samples prepared in an alcohol solution) that I can now bring samples home - along with a microscope - and work from home - I've set up shop on the kitchen table - I'm going through samples now looking for identifiable insect parts - each part is then documented & photographed (I put the camera lens against the microscope eyepiece)

this is a Lepidoptera (butterfly/moth) mandible

a beetle leg

some sort of Diptera (fly) head fragment

the perks of working at home include never having to get out of your pajamas :)

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