Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Focus the Nation

If you haven't already heard, this Thursday is FOCUS THE NATION day.

"FOCUS THE NATION is a nationwide teach-in at more than a thousand colleges, universities, highschools, middle schools, places of worship, civic organizations, and businesses. The goal is to prioritize global warming solutions for America and to create a dialogue between millions of students and citizens and the Nation's decision-makers. The intent is to move America beyond fatalism to a determination that we can solve the challenges of global climate change."

UGA is participating - with seminar highlights including the lecture by Ecology of a Cracker Childhood author Janisse Ray and the Charter Lecture presented by National Geographic executive editor Dennis Dimick. I'm super excited about Janisse Ray speaking - I've read all three of her books in the last six months - I especially *love* Wild Card Quilt. I'm going to drag Levi along & go hear her speak on Thrusday.

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