Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cracked Corn, Lettuce, & Toads

Out and about today - tossing a little feed out the our chickens... Levi's trying to figure it out

Just a little taste... to see why the chickens get so excited - I removed him from the scene after he went back for 'seconds'

The lettuce we're currently harvesting & a few peas behind them

Today was a day for toads! I had just commented to someone that I hadn't seen any toads around this year... and today I see TWO: one in the backyard and this one (who stood very still for some nice up close pics) up in the garden - of course my resident biologist husband, upon closer examination of my pictures, decided I had some nice shots of a Bufo americanus - a.k.a. an American toad - and decided he was giving me the cold stare to get me out of 'his garden'

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