Sunday, May 25, 2008

An Eternity

It feels like an eternity since I've written - or even checked our blog - to be honest, it's finally sinking in that we'll probably be moving from Athens soon (Joe has gotten some positive feedback from his job interviews and a move seems imminent) and I'm trying to cope with feelings of grief and excitement - I've lived in Athens a couple months short of 12 years - becoming an adult, my college years, marriage, and now a new mother - many networks, many friends, the structures that support me - my garden, like a child to leave behind, not sure as I'm planting my tomatoes that I'll be here for their killing frost

Angie says I can't be locked in my college town forever - she had her baby on Thursday - NESTA JACOB HILLIER - May 22nd at 4am - 8lbs 3ozs - natural labor & birth - home now

Joe's days are filled with writing, writing, writing = the THESIS, the end, the means - his defense is creeping up soon (maybe as early as the 3rd week of June)

Do I plant on or begin to pack? It seems both.

Joe asks why? Why do that if we'll be gone from here soon? I say: when I'm 90 will I stop because death may be near?

Locally Grown is booming - absolutely booming - the 4 of us volunteering have become 5 (plus Eric filling orders too) - last week the line did not end, for 2.5 hours the line was out the door - a new location is in the works to accommodate the growth

Our garden is coming along nicely as well, and if I do say so myself, it will be my best ever - I have the time to tend it & really fill it to the brim - though I do see now a larger full sun space would be so nice, we will easily fill every inch of bed space - eggplant galore, 36 tomatoes, okra, watermelon, pumpkin, sorghum, lettuce, peas, broccoli, gourds, strawberries, peppers, beans, & basil - more concentration on cut flowers too, for selling boquets at Locally Grown: sunflowers, 56 coreopsis, cosmos, zinnia, phlox, 50 echinacea, cannas, crocosmia, & my favorite, tuberoses

Levi has his one-year molars in & is beginning to work on his "eye-teeth" - they too have decided to come all at once - he's officially become a curtain climber (as Marshall would say), after being found on top of the kitchen table this past week

What more? We've got a kick-ass yard party in the works... Friday, 06June08! Cookout, kids, beer, horseshoes, and a buncha firewood left over from the winter to torch. Please consider yourself invited!

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Nicole said...

You are not the only one grieving my friend. And it has become so much more than a college town.

I'm psyched to see the yard party was moved and that we can come! Keep me up on the details.