Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Macrobiotics anyone?

Joe gave me a macrobiotic cookbook for Mother's Day & wow - what an eye opener! I thought we ate really good... but macrobiotics is on a whole other level - a completely different food structure to contemplate.

Macrobiotics eating is very grain based, about 55% of you entire food intake, with lots & lots of short grain brown rice! Pressure cooking is very common & soups & sea vegetables abound (wakame anyone?). Beans make up another 10% to 15% of your diet. Then veggies 30% - green leafy greens, root, & ground veggies are preferred. Fruits, nut & seeds, & meat are only supplemental.

So, I'll have to let y'all know how a few of these macrobiotic meals turn out - it seems I have most of the ingredients already on hand - we even had all three types of seaweed most commonly called for - though I do need to stock up on brown rice and maybe some daikon (I've never actually used daikon! but its all over the place in this cookbook).

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