Monday, May 12, 2008


We went to Wildwood over the Mother's Day weekend...
Marshall opening up the field across the road to make a pumpkin patch

shootin' the shit... JB and Marshall

everybody's home... most shoes come off at the back door (we do this at our house too - I think the less stomping around indoors with shoes on results in less floor cleaning - wear shoes indoors at my house & you will receive the evil eye!)

Granddaddy Joe & Joe Burnam - putting in tomato seedlings - 36 in all - filling half a row in Granddaddy's garden (my dream garden spot)

pink sweet peas & yellow irises

back at our house... the roses along the back deck are blooming

a few 'black' irises in bloom - though, when they open up they're really a very dark purple, the buds truly look black

those of you who know Joe may not be aware of his habit to walk away with dishes/leftover containers/cups/coffee cups and never bring them back - it drives me absolutely mad, to the point that I actually hide my 'good' leftover containers from him - finding no coffee cups in the house last week, I went out the Subaru to do a search - it resulted in the NINE cups above

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