Friday, June 13, 2008

Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival

All of humanity showed up for ZZ Top's performance at Riverbend tonight - Riverbend is Chattanooga's week long summer party on the banks of the Tennessee River - it has become a really huge event - it will culminate this Saturday night with a big fireworks show - the great thing about the fireworks being set off from Chattanooga (in the valley) is that there will be spectacular views from all the surrounding mountains - there will be just as many folks gathered on mountain tops as there will be downtown

I went with an old HS friend tonight to the show - and could have just sat for hours 'people watching' - there were literally thousands and thousands of people - the mass of human bodies was overwhelming sometimes, as the crowd made its way through the maze of music stages & food vendors - exhilarating, hot, amusing, sexy, sad, shocking, admiring, wondering...

the band opens up

Kelly & Kevin - with a little breathing room, after getting the hookup to go in the VIP section

one of the bridges over the Tennessee River - the festival is right here on the river front - which brings a great deal of boat traffic coming the the party as well

okay, so this pic is a little random & I haven't gotten a chance to work it into another blog post - just in the last week Levi has discovered the sound/ear connection - specifically, that he can stick his fingers in his ears - I first saw him do this on the drive up on Monday - I wonder if he's telling me something about my selection of music?


Nicole said...

man I haven't been to riverbend in years. That used to be THE thing to look forward to when I was in high school though.

susan T said...

I saw the Indigo Girls and Panic at Riverbend, in 99, or 2000. We stayed at the worst hotel in the world and walked to the show.

So sorry Sala tried to act vicious to Joe. I'd probably loose my mind if I had to carry 13 babies, too.