Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day & Sarah's Graduation

I'm back home after a full week visiting in Wildwood - it's nice to be home & even nicer that the house was spotless when I came in (thank you Joe) - today Joe & Levi celebrated their 2nd father's day - Levi treated us with 3 hours worth of naps & we topped the day out with ribeyes on the grill

Levi & his Pops grilling steaks on the backporch

Happy Father's Day, to my own - one of my most favorite pics of Marshall - in his garden

Sarah, my youngest sister, graduated Friday night!! - I'm so proud of you!! - Phlebotomy - she's certainly braver than I am - as in the last few years I've taken to passing out around needles

Sarah & our surrogate Uncle Dale

proud grandparents - Grandma Lorene Huckins and GrandDaddy Joe Neely

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Nicole said...

Congrats Sarah! I'm glad you guys had a great Father's Day. Grady was a little butt all day long. Guess he didn't have a chance to look at the calendar to see that he was sposta be nice yesterday. :P