Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kennesaw visit

Carrie, Levi, & I made a trip over to Grandma's today - she lives in Kennesaw, Ga which is about a 90 minute drive from Athens - Aunt Bette & Uncle Roger have been down this week visiting from Minnesota - they were in Wildwood on Monday visiting with the Neely's, then spent the rest of the week in Kennesaw with Grandma - their next stop is Michigan to visit with some of Roger's family.

Levi & I are getting ready for a long roadtrip ourselves - we'll be making the drive up to Wildwood on Monday for a week long visit - I hope to catch up with some old HS friends, visit with the fam, & do a little planting in Granddaddy's garden - also!, my youngest sister, Sarah, graduates college next Friday!

Aunt Bette, Grandma, & Mom

Carrie, Levi, me, Aunt Bette, & Mom

Levi's first encounter with a toy car

Grandma got 'Yard of the Month' in her neighborhood

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susan T said...

Molly, hey, I couldn't find your email address, I was going to write to ask a favor of you. I was wondering if you could let my dog out, in the middle of the day. She is due to birth 13 puppies June 24, and can no longer 'hold it' all day, nor does she need to be out in the heat. Jamey and I both work out of town. I know you will be traveling some but if there are any days that you could help me with this I would REALLY appreciate it, and give you a bottle of home-made wine ; )