Friday, June 27, 2008

This week in June

And so it begins... Monday, packing

birdhouse gourds well on their way - this particular vine has at least a dozen

I was actually ahead of the pumpkin & watermelon vines this year & prepared an area with weed-blocking fabric & straw

A newly transplanted row of cannas in the garden looking better for their move

purple coneflower in the garden

Mom & Dad came for their monthly visit to Athens - here on Carrie's front porch swing - they stayed Monday night with us & Tuesday night at Carrie's

looking a little sleepy - after literally weeks of writing - Joe walked in Wednesday afternoon with a copy of his thesis, although not quite finished with revisions & formatting, the writing is over

Thursday volunteering at Locally Grown - in our *new* location at the old farmer's market building on Broad Street - it was wonderful to have all this space! - everyone seemed to enjoy looking over the produce that at the other location was hidden from view

Maria & Anne - regular volunteers at Locally Grown

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