Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moth & New House

In preparation of our up-coming move we've been getting the backyard in tip-top shape. We were working yesterday & I lifted a paver that had been propped against the fence in the back corner to reveal this really awesome moth - very large & a unique coloration. Turns out its a Giant Leopard Moth or Ecpantheria scribonia. I don't remember seeing one before, but so easy to remember now after seeing just one.

With the clock ticking down on us (only 15 days now until we have to be out of this house), we have finally secured (well almost) 'the next place.' We sign the lease tomorrow on a 2BR/1BA that's a little over half a mile from our current home.
The more I think about this house the more excited I become (and can only keep my fingers crossed that there's no hold up tomorrow) - it's an old historic home - one of the original 'Ford homes' built by carpenters & artisans that Henry Ford commissioned in the 1930's to provide housing for local workers in his winter home of Richmond Hill. All the walls are plastered & it's got some funky woodworking details.
It's a much smaller home than we're in now = less expensive to heat/cool & a considerable savings in rent. It's a good fit for us (and I'm giddy from the thought of shedding 1/3 of our furniture). The lot is large with an established garden site. A massive live oak in the front yard. And the icing on the cake is the workshop/garage that's on the property - complete with potting shed around back. The original 1930's owner had a 'canning kitchen' set up in one side of this building - there's a vintage gas stove still there & the walls are lined with shallow shelves for canned goods - I would love to make this space into a little sewing studio.

Okay, so if you can't tell I'm quite excited at this find - as we've been searching forever & this is the jackpot for us. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow.

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