Monday, September 28, 2009

Sep almost over

Back from a great weekend in Cairo - went to a large family reunion on Saturday - the Gainey family = Papa Bill's side of the family. The food! I had to walk around & just snap some shots of the food (coming soon). There were 80+ covered dishes on the main table.
Plus the most fabulous thin layered chocolate cake. It had 24 layers. I'd never heard of these type cakes before I met Joe & spent time in south Georgia. You bake thin layers of yellow cake (very thin) & in between each layer there's homemade cooked chocolate frosting. Every bite is perfect.
Nice to have had a break from the unpacking. Back home now & trying to knock out the last of the big boxes that are left. Carrie is in the last 2 weeks now. Waiting & excited about becoming an aunt for the first time!

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