Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pig Roast and New House Pics

Moving, moving. Almost done. 3 days to go. Not much left here at the old place - gotta pack & move the kitchen tomorrow - that's the last room to go. Tonight is our last night here. I'm sitting on the floor in the middle of an empty living room. And the guys are snoozing in the next room on a mattress on the floor.
Thought I'd share some pics from last weekend at the Neely pig roast. Getting ready - some extremely rare footage of my father mowing the grass. Putting the meat on the smoker. Eating. The kiddos playing at the roast. Angie, John, Jack, & Nesta came and camped out for the roast.

Levi picking seeds out of the watermelon so he could put them in his mouth to spit them out :)

Brothers (my Grandaddy Joe on left, Uncle Frank right)

Pics at the new house. I'm lovin the his & her's outbuilding (first pic below). Joe's mancave is on the left. Our laundry room & my future sewing studio on right. We spent a few hours on Saturday & painted the livingroom and diningroom - just an off white - fresh & bright.


in the man cave

the house from the backyard - huge live oak in front - also (not pictured) on the place is the largest loblolly pine tree I've ever seen

potting shed around back of the outbuilding - we've got some sweet plans for this funky little niche - I'll have to do some before and after pics


JC said...

Hope you are getting settled into the new place. Haven't had a pig roast since highschool. It was fun!

Bonnie said...

Could you frame the photo of your dad on the lawn mower? We may NEVER see that happen again!!!!!

angelina said...

ahh how these wildwood ticks,chiggers linger! i think next time i'll can the tent! sleeping well? beautiful new house, wish we could come up again....iris arent you beautiful.