Thursday, September 10, 2009

New House Moving In

Today is day 3 of our 9 day window to move into the new house. We're making great progress. I have to say of all the moves I've made, this one feels really easy.
The two houses are about half a mile apart & we're moving about 3 loads a day. I've not really packed anything - just gather all the small stuff in rubbermaid tubs & drive it over & put back in its place - haven't even had to take anything off the hangers or empty drawers.
We paced out a garden spot today - I like to do 3' wide beds (which you do not walk on) with dedicated walkways between. We can easily fit in five beds that are 3' x 40' = 600 square feet. They'll go in the side yard = receives full sun throughout the day. They'll run east-west which is ideal. Now, I just have to put in the sweat equity. I hope to sell at the Savannah farmer's market in the spring.

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Nicole said...

I wondered if y'all had found a place. Sounds like a great fit for you guys. I need to give you a call, seems like forever since we've really caught up. Miss you guys!!