Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday is

all day in the sun
no naps, though a 3-year-old bedtime of 7:30
clothes drying in the sun, flapping in the breeze
planting a fig tree
building a new flower bed
reading my new Sun mag on the frontporch futon in the shade
hot in the middle of the day
a trip to the park for a pick-up load of compost
homemade dandelion greens/mushroom calzones for supper
a morning turkey hunt
chatting with neighbors
fishing in the canal behind the house
vases of fresh cut azalea blooms
a flattering comment from a complete stranger
elephant ears weeded & mulched
a raked yard
orange juice/banana smoothies
quiet husband time sitting in a completely dark house
black/tan bottled beer
snoring dog
perfect sunset, listening to a new album
family, love, hope

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