Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oatland Island Nature Center

I've had countless recommendations to go over & check out Oatland Island - so, Monday I met a friend Rita & her children, Rachael & Ryan there - we made a full day of it. It's a bit of a drive - it's on the east side of Savannah, so about 25 miles from us. The kids enjoyed it - lots of native animal exhibits, a 'heritage homesite' with 1800's era cabins & out-buildings, and a farmyard with animals the kids could get their hands on. I liked that the exhibits were all worked into the existing wooded area = lots of shady walking trails.

baa-baa black sheep...

Levi loves owls = we had to go back to see the owls one last time before leaving.

checking out the pair of bison

9-banded armadillo

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JC said...

Looks like fun. We went to the zoo today. Had a crazy dream about you the other night, but sometimes my dreams are just that. :)