Monday, March 15, 2010

Where we're at

Back from a 3-day weekend in Wildwood. Sleepy & need to go to bed soon. Trying to catch up on some blog reading & finish my grocery list for the morning shopping.
Thinking ahead to Wednesday - St. Patty's here in Savannah - the biggest celebration/festival this city has. I'm taking Levi downtown to the daytime parade (before the night-time nakedness & drunks out peeing in the streets). Also - have got corned beef, cabbage, & potatoes on the menu for Wednesday, and of course a good stout...
Lovely in Wildwood. 13 to 20 people gathering for most meals. Grandaddy made biscuits 3 mornings in a row! Savoring the thought of my last buttered & homemade blackberry jam biscuit this morn. Family makes me so happy.
Thank you Mom for my birthday dinner/celebration. Thank you Grandma for a wonderful lunch today & a great visit. Carrie, Greg, & Sam home too! Sarah rode up with us - it's her spring break this next week. Hi Aunt Marjorie & Uncle Frank - so lovely to see you! Uncle Dale there & got to visit at his home today too. Daffodils up & blooming. 7 of us out for a ladies tea (plus Sam) on Saturday - Aunt Rie, Carolyn, & Tivoli joining the Neely women. A good visit with Susie in Rising Fawn. And Joe & I got a night out & met Nicole & Sam (also visiting in Chattanooga) for some brews downtown. A whirlwind 72 hours! Love you all!

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