Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vernal Equinox

I am alone with Levi for a few days. Watching the last bit of daylight dim away - a view of sunset from our dining room windows. It is 7:30pm and Levi is asleep in bed. Quite something considering the child has been awake as late as 10 or 11 some nights this past week. We enjoyed a very full day - the first day of spring - the equinox = the same amount of day/night.
The Bamboo Gardens had their Spring Festival today from 9-4; we were there for a large amount of that time. A perfect day for the event - 70's and blue skies - running into a dozen folks I knew & meeting up with a girlfriend and her child. Feeling part of the community at large.
Home for a napless afternoon basking in the sunshine. Snacking on homemade pita bread & hummus. A long wondering neighborhood walk finished the 3-year-old off. Home to his requested supper of 'hot oatmeal' (opposed to his choice snack of cold raw oatmeal), a hot shower, & now silence = bed.
Joe left Thursday & will return Monday. Turkey season is upon us. He killed a bird this afternoon at Reno = his beloved landscape, Papa's farm. Fried wild turkey breast on the menu for Tuesday night = a rare & wonderful treat.
Only the dimmest pink left in the sky. Salute! Spring!

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