Sunday, March 25, 2012

Barn Loot

Okay, so officially, the barn is done.  Done in that we hauled off 13 pick-up loads of stuff that had built up over several decades.  Sifted thru it all & whats left has some function.  There's still a bit of organizing to be done - who am I kidding really - weeks of organizing to be done, but at least we're getting somewhere.  

In addition to the barn on the place here, we got the opportunity to go thru another old family barn as well.  

Some of our treasures: 

an array of old wooden handmade baskets (I'm loving them all & immediately put them to use around the house) - wooden ammo boxes

who couldn't use a sturdy pitchfork?, silver tray, paint brush, fire screen, wooden pic frame

a handmade birdbath dated 10/10 1931

a stray duck decoy to add to our extensive collection...

post-hole diggers, wire fencing, fence post {already in the ground = tomato stakes}

with a little spray paint... I have just the place for this

books galore

a brand-new in-the-box electric ice cream makers

a cute baby picture throw in for good measure & you may have noticed she's out of a helmet temporarily - she outgrew the first one & has been helmet-free for 3 weeks - the new one gets here next Tuesday

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