Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring equinox

Levi's grasp on the world is expanding & so are his questions!  This week:

"What's at the edge of outer space - I mean what's behind it?"
{I'd just heard a science program on the answer to this the week before}

"How did you make me?"
{oh goodness, already?  However, I was ready with an age appropriate answer}

"What's the last number?"
{and then a whole discussion on infinity began - he's really thinking about this one though - I've been asked this question every day this week - he says there must be one last one - and I say whatever number it is, there's a number one bigger...}


Nicole said...

I got "how does a mommy get a baby OUT of her belly?" once and I answered him, giving him both ways. I expected to get the "how does a baby get IN the mommy's belly?" question shortly after but I think he moved on to something else

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