Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 8

I had a whole post ready to publish & due to a processing error the entire thing is gone now... errrr :
Just a quick recap: Aunt Belinda spent the weekend with us - a lovely visit & a great help watching Levi while we made some progress unpacking - I made my first visit to the beach today & found that Tybee is right at 30 miles from the house - which equates to about a 45 minute car ride - a little longer than I would have guessed but still not bad for an afternoon at the beach
We're making our first roadtrip from the new locale this weekend for the annual Neely Labor Day Pig Roast - and I promise some picture posts soon - just not making much computer time lately - I've gone from checking e-mail 20+ times a day (in Athens) to a quick check once a day here

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