Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day - or hopefully the lack thereof for your day!
We're in Wildwood for the long weekend - today was the annual Neely Pig Roast, each year somehow tops the last - this was the best ever... in attendance: an 85+ crowd, live music, gobs of food, flowers, family, friends, a pack of dogs, and a solitary horse
I saw so many folks not seen for ages - old friends, neighbors, aunts, uncles, and of course with the extended Wildwood Neely clan: cousins!! once removed, twice removed, first, second, third - I soaked in all the good vibes & flitted around like the social butterfly I love to be - snapping pictures - making small talk - eating! - taking it all in - making memories - BEING part of something that is of great value to me: a multi-generational community
This recharges my batteries - in Richmond Hill I know practically no one - I feel incredibly isolated - I am only a shadow lurking, no one - to come home & be part of a group where I am known & part of the common memory feels wonderful - what it really is, is to be loved
Anyone read The Education of Little Tree ? - it was on the table in Granddaddy's den, just picked it up last night & starting reading...

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Kathy B said...

Hey Molly,
I enjoy reading your posts and was curious how the move to Richmond Hill is going!! I am glad you had a wonderful weekend. We moved from Athens to Albany, GA in 1992, and I still don't consider Albany home...Two of our four children were born in Athens and we were only there 12 years, but it will always be the most "home" town as far as I know!!! My daddy always told me "The kind of place you move TO is the kind of place you move FROM, because where you are does not change who you are." Some moves are definitely harder than others...but I have found that God does not ever ever leave you, and if I look to the Word (esp Philippians 4:8)(no--the whole book of Philippians!!) I am comforted...It does take time, but it will happen! I will be praying that it will happen sooner rather than later! ;0)
Kathy (McCorkle) Brinson, first cousin to Beth & Vic!!