Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday in Athens

one of my last - dry hot outside - cold six of Milk Stout inside - ran across an old cassette tape recording of Bill, Joe, Stoccel, & Jimbo - June & July 1998 - incredible memories - dancing remembering floating - where did those days go - did I realize how magical they were when they were happening - the fabulous musicians that group contained - dreaming hippies new Athens freedom no worries no stopping us

1998 at the Burntstone

Nicole & Joe - 1996 at Creswell dorm

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Nicole said...

awww. this makes me sad. you're leaving a place you love, but for a new adventure. a new place. new people. new opportunities. I so very sad to be loosing you but I'm excited for you all the same.

We have that picture of me and Joe in the den downstairs. Along with one of you and Seth at a keg. Ah, those were the days.