Thursday, August 28, 2008

Forsyth Park

We went to Forsyth Park today in Savannah hoping to meet up with some other mothers/children - we were quite late & missed the group, but did some great exploring around the park - it is HUGE - if you mapquest Savannah, it is the big green rectangle right in the middle of the city:

"Forsyth Place was the first large park created in Savannah. Stylistically, the park was influenced by the urban renewal of Paris in the nineteenth century, when broad boulevards and parks were created."

Anyways, at least we got out of the house today - I'm learning how to get around Savannah & found a recycling center to take our growing stash (appallingly enough, Savannah does not recycle either - WTF??, the center I found is run by a private company) - and found a Goodwill drop off to take the huge box of stuff I've decided I don't need anymore (you'd think eventually I'd run out of this 'stuff')

We visited Brighter Day for the second time today, it's akin to Phoenix or the Daily (of Athens) - I walked in and felt relaxed... a feeling of something I know - they have great prices on organic produce (99 cent/pound potatoes) - but like many natural foods stores, their dry shelf goods are sometimes overpriced

I'll be packing our bags to depart for Wildwood tomorrow - there's a little sadness as I think of being there & knowing I'm not going to see Eddie - (I always try to find he & Deanna to see what sort of trouble we can get into) - knowing he's not gonna be there to pick up when I wanna slip away & drive over to Forest Hill - that's gonna get me - an empty place/space where someone I loved is just out of reach

my child at the park

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