Friday, July 11, 2008

And I did it all in my Jerry Garcia tie!...

Finished! - a newly passed Master of Science

Joe with Dr. Warren

In the forestry school courtyard - waiting for the verdict

Joe & Susan - Susan was an enormous help to Joe with his stats! - she's a PhD candidate in the forestry department working on similar quail research

Really close friends in graduate school, it's funny that Joe & Max both defended this week - and both start their new jobs next week - we'll be an hour away from Max once we move to Savannah - he'll be a manager on Groton Plantation in South Carolina

"And I did it all in my Jerry Garcia tie" - my favorite Burnam quote of the day

Carrie made the day by watching Levi for the entire afternoon while Joe and I were on campus

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Nicole said...

Congrats Joe!! So happy for you, I know you've worked really hard and it's a great feeling to be done. I'm really gonna miss you guys though. :( Good luck next week!