Monday, July 7, 2008

July rains

Packing mantra: do we need this / do we need this many / do we use this / can we part with this? REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

As more & more of our 'stuff' finds its way to the local Goodwill drop off center, I experience something akin to 'buyers remorse' - except it's more like 'parting regret' - coming from a lineage of packrats & misers, my genetic predisposition is to hoard - I picture a news clipping Carrie has on her refrigerator door: it is a photograph of Ghandi's worldly possessions at the time of his death - the entire collection would not fill a shoebox - genetics can be modified by environmental conditions and therefore, it is an axe rather than a scalpel I am using to 'trim' away our possessions

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