Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's late Tuesday night here - Joe is putting the last of his things in the truck - he'll be pulling out in the early AM - headin' for Forsyth, GA - he'll be there for a few days doing orientation & then will head on down to Richmond Hill (our 'new' home town, 15 mins from Savannah)

This is Levi's new way of smiling - he scrunches his nose up a little and squints his eyes - he's sporting his latest injury: a fall that hurt his nose

Reading Barnyard Dance for the thousandth time, I love that he loves books, he continually brings us books to read to him - he'll hand one to you & then turn around backwards, ready to back into your lap for a good read

I'm always behind the camera - I'll occasionally ask Joe to please document my existence, as I photograph his every endeavour - me sipping wine on the back porch during the late afternoon

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Nicole said...

Grady does the exact same thing with the books. Lately he has taken to reading some of them himself though which is really cute. He's also decided that on most nights he wants to sleep with a book or two.

I'm so glad you guys came over yesterday, we had such a good time hanging out.