Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Happy Birthday Baby - I love you & am so proud of you! - a new degree & job in just the last few weeks!!

Please send a shout out to Joe today (gobblerman at gmail dot com), as he's spending it away from his family, working in Richmond Hill - I took a few minutes tonight & found some great pics of Joe to share, enjoy...

One of my favorites, Aug06 in Wyoming, near our last field site, we'd lived the entire summer there out of tent, we would return to Georgia in just a few days, three months pregnant

Joe's first time to hold Levi (just after I cut the cord!) -we left him attached to his placenta an hour and a half

A chance meeting with Nick in Colorado - we were heading east & Nick west to Alaska, this is the beer sampler at O'Dell's brewery in Fort Collins

fly fishing in Wyoming - I'm sure Joe could tell you the river & what they were bittin' on!


Love! At a wedding in Boone, NC

Ahhh... another Wyoming pic (so many good pics from that summer, and of course a place we plan to have a 'summer home' as soon as possible)... just another day at work... we were working as field biologist for the USFS surveying for Goshawks - no hawks this day, but I do believe Joe spotted a juvenile Golden Eagle - a nice day afield...

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Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Joe! I do believe it is tradition that I owe you a carrot cake. :)