Monday, July 28, 2008

New House

After looking at dozens of homes, Joe thought this one was the best fit - (it's definitely been a challenge trying to decide since I'm here in Athens & can only make a decision based on a few pictures.) It's a 3br/2.5bth that's super close to Levi's new school & the town of Richmond Hill - it's a nice middle ground between Joe's office and Ft. Stewart - about ten minutes to both. At one time we would have never dreamed of living in such a residential neighborhood (scoffed at it actually) - we tend to go for places a bit out. This time, this one feels right.

Anyways, it's a new adventure & the house is really perfect in so many ways = fenced-in yard, a few minutes walk to a huge park, fireplace, garage, plenty of trees, & a skylight upstairs. I'm excited about a two story house - never have lived in one! About the only thing I see that I'm not crazy about is the very early 90's wallpaper in the kitchen... oh well. Our move-in date is 16Aug, so I have several weeks more in Athens than expected - to me if feels like finding out your test has been moved a week further out - I still have a good ways to go on the packing & now feel I can be just as tedious with the second half as the first half. Our new place in Richmond Hill:

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Nicole said...

The house looks nice and I can't wait to try out the guest room. :)